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Governments around the globe are aware of human rights violations, however few take effective action to stop these atrocities, or enforce unified action to remedy them.   


While vested interests play a role in feeding these conflicts, our invididual voices collectively demanding change does in fact impact action for change.


We encourage you to SIGN THE PETITION to enforce the Universal Declaration of Human Rights! ...

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There is a lot you can do right now to make a difference.  Regardless of age, education, race, or belief--we all have human rights!

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Latest Projects

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The Youth for Human Rights Education 11 Lesson program over two months was completed in March 2022 by World for Human Rights founder Mr. Jason Bennick at Broward County Pioneer Middle School in Cooper City, Florida. 


The program was a resounding success with faculty and students, resulting in over 100 testimonials from the 7th and 8th-grade students. They successfully graduated from the program and were awarded their Youth for Human Rights certificates.


The program helped change lives as students now move forward into upper grades armed with the knowledge of their human rights. 

Lesson plans, enrichment activities, and creative assignments activated students on human rights education. This program consisted of lessons correlating to model education standards. 

"We just concluded our Human Rights program at Pioneer Middle with Jason Bennick.  I can't speak highly enough about this extraordinary man! He taught every lesson with incredible enthusiasm, passion, and knowledge. My students, along with myself, now have a clear picture of our human rights. I am confident my students will now educate members of their families, friends, and people of their communities because of what they learned.  Jason's presentations were engaging: he captivated every student.  I am incredibly thankful for the time he volunteered and the energy in which he invested into teaching our next generation! He is a true gem! Thank you for your time!"

– Kelly Brennan, Teacher, Faculty - Pioneer Middle (12 Years)

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